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Business Page Template

This is the Business page template, which consists of a Business Slider and normal page content below. You can set the content below the slider to be one column (no sidebar), two columns (one sidebar) or three columns (two sidebars). You can also disable the footer widgets specifically for this page template.

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Shortcodes to customize your Canvas site

Canvas comes with a wealth of shortcodes, like the one above to display your featured, recent or specific products if you have WooCommerce installed. Or your testimonials, if you are using our free plugin. You can also display social profiles, buttons, columned layouts, and collapsible content areas.

Used on over 40,000 sites

I love WooThemes because they produce consistently high-quality themes that get the job done. The theme option interface is second to none, and the code is extremely neat, something which is unfortunately NOT currently standard amongst theme developers.

The talented designers at WooThemes consistently create some of the best WordPress themes I’ve seen anywhere. We often use them as frameworks for our own clients’ sites, dramatically reducing both development costs and turnaround time. Thank you, WooThemes!

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