What features does Definition offer?

Responsive Design

"Definition" scales and looks great on devices of various sizes. From your mobile phone to your tablet or desktop, "Definition" scales itself to look great.

WooCommerce Integration

Setup a store using WooCommerce and "Definition". The theme comes bundled with styling and integration with WooCommerce.

WooDojo Integration

"Definition" comes bundled with styling for the WooDojo plugin, offering social widgets for Twitter and Instagram, as well as a bunch of other great features. Download WooDojo.

What people think of Definition

I love WooThemes because they produce consistently high-quality themes that get the job done. The theme option interface is second to none, and the code is extremely neat, something which is unfortunately NOT currently standard amongst theme developers.

The talented designers at WooThemes consistently create some of the best WordPress themes I’ve seen anywhere. We often use them as frameworks for our own clients’ sites, dramatically reducing both development costs and turnaround time. Thank you, WooThemes!

I love WooThemes because it saves me time in my business and gives me a great starting point for a clean, compliant site.
The support in the forums is always really friendly and helpful too!.

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