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Transform your WordPress website into a thorough-bred online eCommerce store. Delivering enterprise-level quality & features whilst backed by a name you can trust. Say hello to WooCommerce.

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Responsive design

The design will scale to fit on all browser widths/resolutions and on all mobile devices. Go ahead and scale your browser window and see the results.

Full width blog layout

Upstart displays blog posts and other content in a full width layout giving users a beautiful grid of post imagery to choose from.

You're in good company...

I love WooThemes because they produce consistently high-quality themes that get the job done. The theme option interface is second to none, and the code is extremely neat, something which is unfortunately NOT currently standard amongst theme developers.

The talented designers at WooThemes consistently create some of the best WordPress themes I’ve seen anywhere. We often use them as frameworks for our own clients’ sites, dramatically reducing both development costs and turnaround time. Thank you, WooThemes!

I have nothing but good things to say about WooThemes. Oh wait, I work here! Is that relevant? Maybe this not a valid testimonial. Still, we build awesome things! Check us out and be amazed! Maybe I should just stop writing. Buy this theme?

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Meet the team

Magnus Jepson


Hi, I'm from the fjords of Norway and I've got a background in development. I started WooThemes through my hobby of web-design, and at WooThemes I take care of business. You're more than likely to find me answering your support queries too!

    Mark Forrester


    I'm one of the co-founders of WooThemes, based at Woo Headquarters in beautiful Cape Town. I'm also a keen photographer, new dad and avid sports fan.

      Dominique Rossouw

      Office Superhero

      Hello! I manage the daily operations at WooHQ and ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. Apart from managing the Woo base I am a board member of a local animal rescue group and in my spare time can be found surrounded by four legged friends of the doggy variety.

        Mike Krapf

        Chief Happiness Officer

        Hello! I'm a father, husband, obsessed with continuous improvement, and addicted to Woo! I enjoy reading, learning, helping others and look forward to meeting you in support.

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