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This “Business” page template is designed to showcase your business, what you offer and what customers are saying about your offering. The template makes use of our WooSlider plugin, as well as the freely available “Features by WooThemes” and “Testimonials by WooThemes” plugins, that should be activated if you’d like to showcase your features and customer testimonials.

The theme includes a “Business Template” section in it’s “Theme Options” as well, if you’d like to disable any of the sections of this page template.

To display images in the slideshow above, simply upload them via the “Upload/Insert” button when creating this page and they will become a part of the gallery, used in the slideshow.

WooCommerce integration

Transform your WordPress website into a thorough-bred online eCommerce store. Delivering enterprise-level quality & features whilst backed by a name you can trust. Say hello to WooCommerce.

Smart business template

Easily set up and configure a smart business template, just like this one! Take full advantage of our WooSlider, Features and Testimonials plugins.

Super-duper Support

Having problems with your theme? We're here to help. We have extensive documentation and our friendly support team are always eager to help you out with set up and configuration problems.

I love WooThemes because they produce consistently high-quality themes that get the job done. The theme option interface is second to none, and the code is extremely neat, something which is unfortunately NOT currently standard amongst theme developers.

The talented designers at WooThemes consistently create some of the best WordPress themes I’ve seen anywhere. We often use them as frameworks for our own clients’ sites, dramatically reducing both development costs and turnaround time. Thank you, WooThemes!

I love WooThemes because it saves me time in my business and gives me a great starting point for a clean, compliant site.
The support in the forums is always really friendly and helpful too!.

Image in a post

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Testing The Elements

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Testing Some Boxes

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